Terms and conditions

This online stage (Platform) is worked by KV SOYO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. its replacements and appointees (we, our or us). It is accessible at: www.soyohomes.com and might be accessible through different locations or channels, remembering for our site or versatile application.

In these terms and conditions, Platform alludes to our commercial centre paying little heed to how you get to it. The Platform interfaces proprietors or the board or affiliation who are offering property for lease (proprietors or the executives or relationship) with inhabitants trying to lease properties (Tenants) by encouraging presentations between proprietors or the board or affiliation and Tenants and furnishing Landlords with a self-guided property application to oversee previously existing associations with Tenants. Our Platform additionally interfaces proprietors or the board or affiliation and Tenants with tradesmen offering general property fix and upkeep (Tradesman) by encouraging presentations between proprietors or the executives or affiliation and Tradesmen, including by giving a catalog of Tradesmen on our Platform.

1. The Service We Provide

Site Access

If you don't mind note that only one username and secret key ought to be made per client. Username is the email_id/contact number gave by the client. We maintain whatever authority is needed to confirm this data before empowering a record. The record can be dismissed or disenabled on the off chance that it is seen as a specialist account or for whatever other explanation that www.soyohomes.com discovers reasonable and which it isn't at risk to state or legitimize.

You are liable for keeping up the secrecy of your secret word and account, and are completely answerable for any exercises that happen under your secret phrase or account, with or without your insight. On the off chance that you purposely give your login and secret key data to someone else, we may suspend or end your record, notwithstanding some other cures accessible to us. You should quickly inform us in the event that you become mindful of any unapproved utilization of your secret phrase or account or some other break of security. We can not be obligated for any misfortune or harm emerging from your inability to conform to this section.

2. Platform Summary

The Platform offers an initial assistance for Landlords (owners or the board or affiliation), Tenants and Tradesmen.

3. Landlords and Tenants

A Landlord needing to list a property for lease (1) makes a record on the Platform and (2) posts a precise and complete portrayal of the property to be leased (counting the lease to be paid by the Tenant) (Rental Listing).

A Tenant needing to lease a property (1) makes a record on the Platform, (2) surveys the Rental Listings transferred via Landlords and (3) makes a solicitation to lease the property (Rental Request) which is sent to the Landlord through the Platform.

On the off chance that a Landlord wants to lease a property to a Tenant, the Landlord audits the Tenants Listing and archives and discusses secretly with the Tenant utilizing our private informing administration. The Landlord may acknowledge the Rental Request (which turns into a Tenancy). By tolerating a Rental Request, the Landlord affirms that s/he is legitimately qualified for and equipped for providing the investment property depicted in the Rental Listing.

A Landlord may likewise decide to utilize the Platform to self-oversee existing Tenants by moving the administration of existing investment properties to the Platform.

When a Landlord has acknowledged a Rental Request, the Landlord and Tenant can impart secretly utilizing our private informing administration.

4. Tradesmen

A Tradesman needing to list their administrations (1) makes a record on the Platform and (2) posts an exact and complete depiction of the general property fix and upkeep administrations gave (counting the charges to be paid) (Tradesman Listing).

A Tenant or Landlord requiring a fix or upkeep finished (1) audits the Tradesman Listings transferred by Tradesmen and (2) makes a solicitation to contract with that Tradesman for administrations (Tradesman Request) which is sent to the Tradesman through the Platform.

Landowners and Tenants may peruse Tradesmen Pages for data about a Tradesman and administrations gave.

5. All users

Each time a Platform client gets a message from the Platform informing administration, a warning might be sent to the client by means of their right now dynamic correspondence channel.

You comprehend and concur that the Platform is an online starting stage in particular, and that our duties are restricted to encouraging the client usefulness and accessibility of the Platform. We are not a realtor, work office or work enlist business and Landlords, Tenants and Tradesmen are autonomous outsiders not our representatives, temporary workers, accomplices or operators.

We are not a realtor or involved with any understanding went into between a Landlord and a Tenant and additionally between a Tradesman in any way. We have no influence over the lead of Landlords, Tenants, Tradesmen or some other clients of the Platform. We give a stage to clients to self-deal with their properties, rentals and fixes and support and don't ensure any appropriateness of properties recorded on the Platform or reasonableness of Tenants or Tradesmen on the Platform.

We acknowledge no obligation for any part of the Tenant, Landlord and Tradesman collaboration, including yet not restricted to the portrayal of Rental Listings, Tradesman Listings, Tradesman Pages, the state of Rental Listings and the presentation of administrations. We don't help or include ourselves in any capacity in any debate between a Tenant, Landlord or potentially Tradesman other than according to these Terms.

6. Registration Information

At the point when you present your information to enlist, we will expect you to give your home subtleties, name, email address, contact number and a secret phrase based on your personal preference. As referenced over, your email address/contact number will be utilized as your username for login purposes.

Any enlistment data you give must be valid, precise, current and complete. We would show this data on the site for different clients to get to. If you don't mind additionally take note of that we may, yet are not committed to, utilize the data you give to check that you are really a proprietor or an inhabitant and not an intermediary.

7. Profile Information

Your soyohomes.com profile may exclude any of the accompanying substance: phone numbers (with the exception of where asked), any photos containing bareness, irreverence, or disgusting, salacious, exorbitantly rough, bugging, explicitly express or in any case offensive topic. Regardless of this preclusion, it is conceivable that data gave by other soyohomes.com clients (for example, in their Profile) may contain off base, improper, hostile or explicitly unequivocal material, items or administrations infringing upon these Terms of Use. soyohomes.com doesn't accept any accountability or obligation for this material. We support you, in any case, to assist us with keeping the site clean by reaching us on the off chance that you notice any abuse of the Service.

8. Registration Assistance

As a feature of our push to make your home inquiry intermediary free and simple, we would be glad to interface you with outsider specialists who encourage leave and permit enrolment. Soyohomes.com can charge for this administration. soyohomes.com can't and doesn't ensure the honesty and nature of the administration gave by outsider. What's more, your association with the outsider specialist co-ops including installment and any such dealings are exclusively among you and those organizations. In no occasion will soyohomes.com be obligated for any harms emerging out of any association among you and such gatherings.

9. E-mail Updates:

As a component of the Service, we may need to speak with you by means of email (see our Privacy Policy to get familiar with correspondences). You consent to get messages which are explicit to your record and essential for the ordinary working of the Service, including at least one invite messages which help advice new clients about different highlights regarding the Service.

We may likewise send clients intermittent email announcements except if such clients have selected not to get these messages. These messages may likewise contain neighbourhood data, tips and proposals or some other offer gave by outsider. soyohomes.com doesn't assume any liability of the legitimacy of any of these offers.

10. Information for Prospective Tenants

Since specific zones of the Site are intended to enable forthcoming occupants to find new rental, you may peruse a few areas of the Site, regardless of whether you have not yet enrolled. Nonetheless, you won't have the option to contact the proprietor except if you have signed in as an inhabitant and paid the necessary charges.

A. Privacy Policy

Our utilization of your data is dependent upon the particulars of our Privacy Policy. You should consent to the Privacy Policy before you may get to the Site.

B. Your Registration Information

To give you access to the site, we will expect you to give the name and contact data depicted above, and may likewise demand that you refresh or confirm this data every once in a while. By utilizing the Site, you consent to give precise data, and to help out any soyohomes.com work force.

C. Other Information You Provide

(i) What You May Provide:
As depicted over, the Site contains data with respect to your property in the event that you are a landowner and data about your prerequisite, on the off chance that you are an occupant. You would likewise need to give your exact contact data. Since this site doesn't permit dealers or specialists to post or look for on the site, we may require pertinent data to confirm that.

(ii) Grant of Rights to soyohomes.com:
We take the protection of our clients truly. Anyway soyohomes.com will reserve a privilege to utilize the data to give customized commercials and offers and to remember that data for aggregations created by soyohomes.com.

(iii) Read Phone State:
Choice 1 - This permits us to tell you by means of calls about houses accessible for lease. In the event that you have put your home up for lease you will get alarms about intrigued occupants.
Choices 2 - Get cautions and calls when intrigued proprietors/occupants which to get in touch with you. Never miss an update.

(iv) Read Phone Contacts:
Get a ready when any of your telephone contacts are leasing their home.

(v) Read SMS:
This will be utilized to confirm your telephone number and to make proprietors/inhabitant contact consistent.

(vi) Detect Location:
Permits you to search for homes dependent on your momentum area.

(vii) Grant of rights to Our Finance Partners:
Despite anything contained thus and in soyohomes Privacy Policy, you therefore approve soyohomes to impart to our money accomplices, any data that you may give according to this application for benefiting the items as well as administration of our account accomplices.

By clicking on "Apply Now/Submit" tab:

  • You concur and approve our money accomplices to get in touch with you and speak with you over messages, telephonic calls, or SMS on the versatile number referenced in the application, or through some other correspondence mode ("Communication Modes") to check the subtleties gave by you in this application or to process this application.

  • You affirm that you might want to know through the previously mentioned Communication Modes, offers and advancement plans identifying with different items/administrations offered by our fund accomplices/its gathering organizations, now and again.

  • You further concur and affirm that laws according to the spontaneous correspondence alluded to in the "National Do Not Call Registry" (the "NDNC Registry") as set somewhere near the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India won't be relevant for such correspondence/calls/SMS got from our account accomplices, its gathering organizations, workers, delegates as well as specialists.

  • You approve our account accomplices to trade and offer all data and subtleties, as gave by you in this application, with outsiders, including yet not restricted to our fund accomplices' gathering organizations, specialist co-ops, budgetary foundations, credit authorities, media transmission organizations, legal bodies, and so on., for client confirmation, personalization of items or administrations, FICO assessment, information advancement, advertising or advancement of administrations or related results of our money accomplices or that of its partners and subsidiaries or for implementation of your commitments and concur that you will not hold our account accomplices (or any of its gathering organizations or its/their workers/operators/delegates) obligated for utilizing/sharing of the data as expressed previously.

  • You comprehend and concur that as per this application structure, you will be required to submit archives as per the general inclination of our money accomplices and acknowledge the credit terms and conditions as endorsed by our account accomplices comparable to items and additionally administration applied by you.

    I, as a supporter/User of the administrations offered through the online interface soyohomes.com, do herby explicitly approve soyohomes.com and any of their concern partners to call/SMS my/our enlisted telephone numbers (as gave by me/us to soyohomes.com). I therefore explicitly express that such authorisation will abrogate the national Do-Not-Disturb Registry ("DND"), regardless of whether the telephone numbers being referred to are enrolled under DND rundown of national Consumer inclination vault ( NCPR/NDNC).

    I/we additionally attempt that I/We won't submit any questions to NDNC for any calls got from soyohomes.com administrations/items, and will repay soyohomes.com and any of its concern partners for having occupied with any such practice.

    I understand, recognize and explicitly approve soyohomes.com to make the underlying correspondence (by means of Call/SMS/E-mail/WhatsApp) for the reasons for affirmation of my certifications gave by me. I therefore approve soyohomes.com and its business partners to keep reaching me by means of any of the methods of correspondence recorded above, till such time as I explicitly quit/withdraw from the administration offered by soyohomes.com. Till such time, soyohomes.com and its business partners will reserve all privileges to keep speaking with me and I will totally repay them against any risk that may emerge because of such authorisation to convey. Such repayment will reach out to legal disputes and suits and all attorney/advocate charges, regardless of whether the contest is never exposed to legal investigation.

(viii) Respect For Third Party Rights:
You may not utilize the Site to transmit or repeat another person's licensed innovation. For instance, you may not utilize the property postings to post audits from another person's blog or travel manage, on the grounds that that could abuse the creator's or distributer's copyright rights.

Prohibited conduct
You should not do, or endeavor to do, whatever is unlawful; anything precluded by any laws which apply to our Platform or which concern you or your utilization of our Platform; anything which we would think about unseemly; or anything which may bring us or our Platform into unsavoriness, including (without restriction):

a) anything that would establish a penetrate of a person's security (counting transferring private or individual data without a person's assent) or some other legitimate rights;

b) using our Platform to criticize, hassle, undermine, danger or irritate any individual;

c) interfering with any client utilizing our Platform;

d) tampering with or changing our Platform, intentionally transmitting infections or other crippling highlights, or harming or meddling with our Platform, including (without constraint) utilizing trojan ponies, infections or theft or programming schedules that may harm or meddle with our Platform;

e) anything that may disregard any nearby, state, national or other law or guideline or any request for a court, including, without constraint, zoning and expense guidelines, land laws and occupancy laws;

f) using our Platform to locate a Tenant, Landlord or Tradesman and afterward finishing a property rental, tradesman solicitation, or exchange autonomous of our Platform so as to go around the commitment to pay any expenses identified with our arrangement of the Platform;

f) as a Landlord, offering any Rental Listing that you don't plan to respect or can't give;

g) as a Tenant, making any proposals to lease a property to Landlords that you don't mean to fulfill;

h) as a Tradesman offering any exchange or support benefits that you don't plan to respect or can't give;

i) using our Platform to send spontaneous messages; or
encouraging or helping an outsider to do any of the above demonstrations.

You may report any client utilizing the 'Report' work on the Platform for completing any exercises portrayed above as Prohibited Conduct or in any case where you feel it is important to report that client.

Fees and Payments

a). It is allowed to enrol an Account on the Platform.

b). To utilize a few functionalities on the Platform you should pay participation charges as set out on the Platform.

c). Any installments will be made through our outsider instalment processor, as of now EZYPAY and Braintree, or by some other installment strategy set out on the Platform.

d). Your enrolment may start with a free preliminary. The accompanying terms apply to any free preliminaries we offer to you: 1) The free time for testing of your participation goes on for 30 days, or for a period in any case determined during the record enlistment process. Any free preliminary period we offer is planned to permit you to encounter our Platform. 2) We decide free preliminary qualification in our sole watchfulness and we may restrict qualification to forestall free preliminary maltreatment. We claim all authority to renounce the free trial and suspend your Account if we establish that you are not qualified.

e). We will tell you toward the finish of any free time for testing to redesign your record to a full participation on the off chance that you might want to keep utilizing most of capacities on the Platform. You may decide to keep utilizing the Platform on a free premise yet we will just give you constrained usefulness.

f). The enrollment expense for the Platform and some other charges material to the utilization of the Platform, for example, any appropriate duties, will be charged on a common premise contingent upon the charging cycle period picked to your chose installment technique on the schedule day relating to when you enlisted for an Account. Now and again your installment date may change, for instance if installment can't be prepared or if your enrollment started on a day not contained in a given month. You concur and recognize that you should have adequate assets in your chose installment account so as to pay the participation expense. You are answerable for paying any expenses, for example, bank charges, for any installments that are disrespected.

g). All charges incorporate GST.

h). We set out various installment techniques on the Platform. The installment strategy you pick might be dependent upon extra terms and conditions forced by the pertinent outsider installment processor; if it's not too much trouble audit these terms and conditions before utilizing your chose installment technique.

i). The installment technique you select may influence how rapidly you get any installment from us (if this is pertinent).

j). To the degree allowed by law, our administration charge is non-cancellable and non-refundable.


a). This provision is just relevant to Tradesmen and "you" is a reference to the Tradesman.

b).It is free for Tradesmen to list their administrations on the Platform by method of a Tradesman Listing or Tradesman Page.

c). When making an Account you warrant that you are at any rate 18 years old and have any licenses required to give the general support or fixes administrations recorded in your Tradesman Listing or Tradesman Page.


A. soyohomes.com Property:

As between the gatherings, soyohomes.com will claim and hold good, title and enthusiasm for and to the Service, the Site, and any innovation or substance contained in or made accessible through the Service (other than your own name and contact data), and will likewise possess any proposals, thoughts, improvement demands, criticism, suggestions or other data that you may give identifying with the soyohomes.com Service. The soyohomes.com name and logo are trademarks of soyohomes.com, and no privilege or permit is conceded to utilize them. Different trademarks and exchange names that may show up on the Site are the property of their particular proprietors.

B. Content on the Website:

While all effort is made to ensure reliable information is posted on the site, the information contained on the Site may not be accurate and beyond our control. We do not warrant the accuracy or suitability of such information. Changes may be periodically added to the contents herein. By using our services you acknowledge that information on the Site is provided to you on an "AS IS, WHERE IS" basis. Similarly while we endeavour to ensure that all information is posted by owners of the properties, we cannot guarantee the same. We are not a real estate agent; property dealer or broker and the content on the Site should not be interpreted as a recommendation for any specific product or service, use or course of action.

C. Your Data:

You, not soyohomes.com, will have sole obligation regarding the precision, quality, trustworthiness, lawfulness, unwavering quality, propriety, and protected innovation proprietorship or option to utilization of any data you submit through the Site, and soyohomes.com will not be mindful or at risk for the erasure, rectification, obliteration, harm, misfortune or inability to store any such data. soyohomes.com maintains whatever authority is needed to retain access to, expel or potentially dispose of your data from the Site or end your record without notice for any break of these Terms of Use or on the off chance that you are an intermediary or follow up for the benefit of a specialist or whatever other explanation that soyohomes.com may discover fitting. If your record it ended, your capacity to access or use information through the Service will promptly stop, and soyohomes.com will have no commitment to keep up or forward any information that you have submitted.

D. Third Party Offers:

As a major aspect of the Service, soyohomes.com may give you data in regards to merchandise or administrations offered by different outsiders (counting without confinement monetary foundations, paid promoters or supporters of the soyohomes.com Service, different clients and leave and permit enlistment specialists). In no occasion will soyohomes.com be subject for any harms emerging out of any connection among you and such gatherings.

E. Disclaimers

The administration (counting without impediment the site, and any devices or information included in that) is given "with no guarantees" and soyohomes>in doesn't furnish any guarantee at all as for the exhibition of the soyohomes.com administration, including its wellbeing, quality, adequacy, business suitability or merchantability. You accept all accountability and risk in such manner.

In no occasion will soyohomes.com be subject for any harm at all emerging out of the utilization of or powerlessness to utilize the soyohomes.com Service, regardless of whether soyohomes.com has been educated with respect to the chance of such harms. soyohomes.com doesn't assume any liability for any harm occurring because of any collaboration between its clients happening straightforwardly or by implication through soyohomes.com.

F. Refund Policy:

None of the soyohomes membership plan is refundable or cancellable until or except if indicated explicitly on the arrangement itself.

G. Copyright Policy:

Soyohomes.com regards the protected innovation of others, and we request that our clients do likewise. In the event that you accept that your own copyrighted work is open on the Site infringing upon your copyright, you may give us a composed correspondence under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. 512(c)(3), that contains generously the accompanying data:

  • (i) identify the copyrighted work or protected innovation that you guarantee has been encroached in adequate detail with the goal that we can find the material. For instance, "The copyrighted work is my substance that shows up at http://www.mycopyrightedcontent.com/this."
  • (ii) Identify the URL on the Site that contains the material that you guarantee encroaches your copyright. Once more, you should give us sensibly adequate data to let us find the asserted encroaching material. For instance, "The substance at the accompanying URL encroaches on my copyright: http://www.soyohomes.com/encroaching."
  • (iii) Include your name, postage information, phone number and email address.
  • (iv) Provide the electronic or physical mark of the proprietor of the copyright or an individual approved to follow up for the proprietor's sake.
  • (v) Include an announcement by you that you have a decent confidence conviction that the contested use isn't approved by the copyright proprietor, its specialist, or the law.
  • (vi) Include an announcement by you, made under the punishment of prevarication, that the data contained in your Notice is precise and that you are the copyright proprietor or that you are approved to follow up for the copyright proprietor's benefit.
  • (vii) Information on soyohomes site is to be utilized by clients for individual use. Soyohomes claims all authority to square client and relinquish any installment got, in the event that it speculates the client or the use to be of business nature.
  • (viii) If the paid client is seen as showing specialist conduct then soyohomes claims all authority to boycott the client with no discount. This incorporates utilizing the proprietor subtleties from soyohomes site legitimately or in a roundabout way for asking the financier from our clients or/and utilizing the site for a various arrangement of properties which show specialist conduct.
  • (ix) You can email us your Notification of Alleged Copyright Infringement at hello@soyohomes.com.

Soyohomes Pay Terms and Conditions

  • (i) Our Role: Any enlisted client may decide to make installments including rent and security stores, as might be relevant through our installment gateway(s) offered/gave by soyohomes. Aside from our restricted job in preparing installments that enlisted clients approve or start, we are not associated with any hidden exchange between you, some other client, or any specialist organizations. We are not a bank and don't offer any banking or related administrations. We may utilize the administrations of at least one outsiders to offer the Support and procedure your exchanges (each a "Processor"). Further, we don't ensure installment for the benefit of any enrolled client, other client or outsider specialist organization. We are neither a specialist of the lessor or tenant or any enrolled client.
  • (ii) Authorization : You approve us to hold, get and dispense assets as per your installment guidelines, regardless of whether gave to us straightforwardly or through a Provider's Application, and whether to us in our own ability or in our ability as installment processor following up for the benefit of Lessors that have designated us as operator for the restricted motivation behind accepting installments. Your approval grants us (a) to charge or credit your Balance, a Bank Account, any Visa, platinum card, or other installment cards that we acknowledge ("Cards"), or some other installment strategy we acknowledge, or (b) to process installment exchanges that you approve by producing an electronic subsidizes move. At the point when you educate us to pay another client, you approve and request us to submit your installment (less any relevant charges or different sums we may gather under this Agreement) to such client. We may restrain the beneficiary's capacity to utilize or pull back the submitted assets for a while we have concurred with the beneficiary. Your approvals will stay in full power and impact while you keep up your payment(s) with us and for any Bank Account.
  • (iii) Transaction Limits : We may delay, suspend or dismiss an exchange for any payment(s) in any way, shape or form, including without constraint in the event that we presume the exchange subjects us to budgetary or security chance or is unapproved, fake, dubious, unlawful, infringing upon the details of this Agreement, subject to debate or in any case uncommon.
  • (iv) Chargebacks : The measure of an exchange might be charged back or switched to you (a "Chargeback") if the exchange (an) is questioned by the sender, (b) is turned around in any way, shape or form, (c) was not approved or we have motivation to accept that the exchange was not approved, or (d) is purportedly unlawful, dubious, or infringing upon the particulars of this Agreement. You owe us and will quickly pay us the measure of any Chargeback and any related expenses, fines, or punishments evaluated by our Processor, preparing monetary foundations, or MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and other installment card systems, affiliations, or organizations ("Networks"). You consent to help us when mentioned, to your detriment, to examine any of your exchanges prepared through the Service. For Chargebacks related with Cards, we will work with you to challenge the Chargeback with the Network or giving banks should you decide to challenge the Chargeback. We will demand fundamental data from you to challenge the Chargeback. Your inability to ideal help us in exploring an exchange, including without restriction giving fundamental documentation inside 5 business days of our solicitation, may bring about an irreversible Chargeback.
  • (v) Liability : You make a deal to avoid considering soyohomes capable and additionally at risk for any issue or guarantee emerging out of any question at all among you and the Processor or potentially you and your bank or money related establishment.
  • (vi) Fraud and Restrictions: in the event that, lease installment sum is more than INR 50 Thousand, accommodation of Landlord's PAN is required without which installment won't be handled to landowner's record. Soyohomes may request extra archives (like Rental Agreement, Owner/Tenant PAN, Maintenance Bill) on the off chance that the exchange looks dubious. oBroker will charge 2% of the exchange sum (barring administration charges gathered by soyohomes) on the off chance that it's anything but a substantial lease/token/store/upkeep installment. Administration charges would be non-refundable in any cases. A substantial lease/security store installment is one where there exists a tenant contract between the occupant and the landowner with the lease sum proportionate to what exactly is being moved on soyohomes Pay. A substantial upkeep installment is one where there exists a support bill between the payer and the general public/RWA.
  • (vii) Refunds: on the off chance that, soyohomes can't move the lease add up to the recipient account because of specialized troubles, we will discount the installment back to source. You are prompted not to move the lease straightforwardly to the landowner until a discount ID is created and sent to you through email and SMS.

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